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Recent Projects  
  This page provides brief introductions and links to representative images from some of Kate's projects.
She is currently working on The Bradford Grid Research Project. Her work from the Architraum series was exhibited during the Ways of Looking events in Yorkshire in 2008.
  The Bradford Grid Project - Architraum  
Work-in-progress from The Bradford Grid. Pinhole photography and digital imaging combine to make images of the urban landscape of the city of Bradford.
This work explores landscape, environment, history and locality looking at different ways of place-making. This is reflected in the photographs taken of the modernist domestic architecture in Poprad and digital drawings derived from traditional textiles.
  In The Steps Of Robert Pinnacle  
This work was made for a commission to document European spa towns based upon the career of the landscape painter Robert Pinnacle, who visited and resided amongst these unique societies which provided his main source of patronage.
  Island: The Sea Front  
A survey of 48 images taken around the coast of mainland Britain exploring cultural constructs of the island.
This series comments on the way photography and cartography have been used to define territory, the links between land and identity.
Photographs of Shenstone's garden at Enville in Staffordshire. Different strategies of representation using a pinhole camera and medium format. A collaboration with the illustrator Chris Broughton results in a dialogue about interventions in and vision of landscape.
Une Semaine de Bonheur  
Ink-jet prints on newspaper - fragile documents showing photographs of a vacationing family in their inconsequential pursuit of happiness positioned against the news stories of the time. Conflicting genres describe the quotidian. Global and local stories collide. Meanings dissolve and re-form as the pictures of the family reframe the official news documents. They, in turn, constantly threaten to disrupt the blithe forgetfulness of the protagonists.
Close To Home  
With Polaroid negative film Kate Mellor uses traditional silver photography to explore roots and histories. Close to Home is a series of portraits of the artists friends in the locality where they live, the South Pennines. Borrowing from an aesthetic of early photography, from an era when having a photograph taken would have been an occasion, the friends pose in formal attire as though in a 19th century studio.