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Une Semaine de Bonheur  
  Kate Mellor talks about this work: "Like the work Close to Home this is a personal project and represents an attempt to document what is near to me. I took the photographs while on holiday with friends and family in Provence and Normandy. It's the story of quite ordinary people in search of happiness. I deliberately chose to use the photographic vernacular of the holiday snap because this is a genre of photography which is accessible to most but is generally not given any significance as a photographic document.
I inkjet printed these images onto the newspapers that I read at the time in the locality where I was. The title makes a reference to the Surrealist artist Max Ernst's Une Semaine de Bonté, a work of collage which he made by cutting up images from popular journals while on a three week holiday in Maloja in 1936. Ernst's work propels us into a dreamlike world in which meaning is never quite fixed, where it breaks up, dissolves and reforms due to chance associations. His work has this unsettling quality of portent. I've borrowed from this by putting my images on the newspaper pages in a fairly loose, haphazard way - making use of the chancy collisions between my photographs about the unnewsworthy nature of our 'little lives' and the 'important' historic documentation of the newspapers. It's like a contemporary method of collage. I like the way that the juxtapositions make you re-read both my insignificant photographs of the escapist (therefore seen to be somewhat meaningless and banal) experience of the family annual vacation and the newspaper stories or information.
I've photographed subject matter that a person on holiday might engage with rather than do what is considered to be' worthwhile' as documentary photography. (See Provence #27 Children, ponies,cat or #26 Let the people decide)."